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Our Responsibility

Our top priority is a responsible and marked by mutual respect behavior towards our employees, the environment and society. We operate sustainable and future-oriented and conduct our business according to the »Global Compact« of the United Nations.

All fair, safe and healthy working conditions for our employees in Germany, as well as an environmentally friendly production, also apply to our suppliers and partners.
They undertake strict compliance with all local law, as well as to comply with our demands on business ethics, health and safety, environment and working conditions

The Works Kiefner GmbH & Co. KG is a family-run since 1956 and is synonymous with high quality standards. The production and finishing of materials and the manufacture of the products take place mainly in Europe. The short production processes and a high degree of transparency with all of our suppliers we can consistently trace back which stations and steps traveled by the individual articles on his way from production to delivery to our customers.